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Pocket friendly

You can allocate you salaries into the budget

Experienced team

We have a team of highly qualified virtual assistants

Infrastructure cost

No offer infrastructure require


No on job training required

Software cost

No need to invest on High end software

Project manager

A project manager will be assigned as single point of contact

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What our client says

E-virtual team means flexibility in timing, nature of work and budget. You can get access of highly professional and skilled virtual assistants after partnering with us

I am completely satisfied with E-Virtual Team when it comes to quality and deadlines. Their virtual assistants were very friendly & experienced while doing the projects. They added value to my business and wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again. Great Work “E-Virtual Team”

Branda Collins​

My virtual assistant always kept me informed about the progress till its completion. As a result of theirsmart work our sales have gone up many times and we have started getting very high and positive response from the market. I will always approach E-virtual Team for my future requirements.

Sunpreet Singh Human matrix

About E-Virtual Team I can only say that they are just outstanding. They have a team of really great professionals with zeal to go an extra mile for their client. I hereby recommend their services with 100% guarantee for successful satisfaction.

Col. Iqbal Singh (Seek Consultants)​

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Plot No:77/144, 2nd floor
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New Delhi 110058(INDIA

phone no: +918898765443