6 points every logo must have

Logos are synonymous of to businesses. A good logo is simple, distinctive, unique and appropriate that conveys the messages.
1. Simple yet memorable design: A good logo should be simple and memorable. Complicated logos confuse the audience. The logo should be versatile to draw audience’s attention. A simple and appropriate logo is always memorable.
2. Can be printed on all patterns: A good logo should be versatile enough that can be printed in all colours, can be scaled at any size and should be able to work with both vertical and horizontal formats. One must take printing cost into consideration while designing a logo as the more colours you use; the more expensive it will be for business........
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Common mistakes while HIRING a logo designer

Logo is the most important aspect of any brand. Its intention is to depict the personality of any brand. Creating a unique and memorable loo is a challenging task to distinguish your company from various competitors. Logo design is tough and its motive is to convey what the company is.
1. Hiring an amateur: Avoid your design to look amateurish. Avoid websites that promote the cheap logo packages. Professionals design professional logos. Business owners invest a lot of time and money in the equipment; however they do not spend much in designing a logo. Local printers are not efficient in logo designing. Your business would also look non-professional, if your logo looks non-professional. Hiring a professional and established logo designer is beneficial to the business.
2. Relies on trends: A well-designed and unique logo always remains with you and it is also timeless. A professional will create a unique logo that should ignore the logo trends. Getting a good logo would mean that it should last for years, not for seasons.....
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